Grafia’s new exhibition and event space, Luonnos, presents content related to visual communication and creative design.


The members of Grafia requested a space for exhibitions and events. The idea led to the creation of Luonnos – Creative Space by Grafia. In November 2022, Luonnos was piloted in Hakaniemi, Helsinki and has now found a permanent home at Uudenmaankatu 13 in Helsinki. Luonnos opened on March 17, 2023.

The name ”Luonnos,” which means ”sketch” in Finnish, aims to convey the open-minded, diverse, and creative nature of the content within the space. Incompleteness is not only allowed but even desirable. Rather than presenting works that are polished to perfection, the goal is to stimulate discussions on current topics and bring people together. Luonnos aims to create an easily approachable exhibition space and an open stage where content related to visual communication and creative design is candidly brought forth.

The exhibitions are open to everyone, free of charge during the opening hours. Certain events at Luonnos are open to all, while others are only available to Grafia members.

Visual Design of Luonnos is made by Tomi Leppänen and illustrations by Jolanda Jokinen.

Exhibitions at Luonnos

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