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Perikangas & Raadelma: Queertroph – Fluidly Letters

The Queertroph – Fluidly Letters exhibition by Aliisa Perikangas and Oona Raadelma explores love and communication between humans and non-humans. Asemic text works constructed from bioplastic invite reimagining relationships between organisms and materials without hierarchies. The exhibition is on display at Grafia’s creative space, Luonnos, from April 5th to May 5th, 2024.

What does the expression of love look like between humans and non-human beings? ⊹₊°˖✧˖ ݁

Queertroph is a speculative trophic level that examines the interdependencies between organisms through coexistence, symbiosis, and otherness in the food web. The trophic level refers to an organism’s position in a food chain. Energy transfers between levels as organisms consume each other. In Queertroph, traditional hierarchies within the network break down, and distinctions between self-reliance and other-reliance no longer apply.

Queertrophic more-than-human letters attempt to find a new understanding between human and non-human organisms through sensitisation, entwining, and caressing of otherness. By observing how organisms communicate, human knowledge extends beyond the boundaries of spoken and written language when senses, emotions, and actions contribute to generating new knowledge.

In the exhibition, the artists haven’t just shaped materials into finished pieces; instead, the starting point of the process is the collaboration between the materials and the artists. Materiality eludes language and conceptualisation, yet paradoxically, humans can access it only through language.

The asemic (wordless) and queer (weird) writing, generated from bioplastic, invites reflection on the connection between material and writing: what do we perceive as human-made, and what is the imprint of “nature”? Asemic writing is a subgenre of text art that blends text and images, leaving the result open to the viewer’s interpretation. The artwork does not convey a clear message; rather, it arises from the bodily and sensory experience between the viewer and the artwork.

˚⋆ .°˖⭒🫧💭⊹
Special events during the exhibition

Wednesday, April 17th 6-7 PM – Free Entry!
Postponed due to a cold! New date: Tuesday, April 23rd, 6-7 PM!
Live music at Luonnos: Mikko Sarvanne

Teosto Award-winning composer Mikko Sarvanne plays a special gig at Luonnos. Sarvanne’s music explores how percussive sounds containing hits and noise unfold into harmonic spaces and then condense into visceral techno.
In the performance held at the Outotrofia exhibition at Luonnos, Sarvanne specifically focuses on plastic sounds.

Saturday, April 20th – Free admission!
Terracotta Plant Pot Decorating Workshop at Luonnos

Are you ready to unleash your creative springtime energy? Join us for a delightful Terracotta Plant Pot Decorating Workshop suitable for adults and kids. We offer a variety of materials, including paints, craft supplies, pencils, coloured pencils, and crayons, to bring your artistic vision to life. Feel free to bring your terracotta pots to decorate or use one provided by Grafia Ry. The workshop is facilitated by Aliisa Perikangas. Drop by anytime between 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM!

Aliisa Perikangas and Oona Raadelma
are visual communication designers based in Helsinki. In their practices, they share an interest in asemic writing and, more broadly, in language, text design, and unconventional typography. They are also interested in exploring interdisciplinary art practices that combine design and art, as well as artistic research. Their thinking draws on posthumanism and feminism along with all their intersections.

.°˖⭒🫧💭⊹˚₊°˖˚⋆ Queertroph – Fluidly Letters 5.4.–5.5.2024 ⋆˚˖°₊˚⊹💭🫧⭒˖°.
Exhibition opening on Thursday, April 4th, from 5 to 7 pm, welcome!

Luonnos – Creative Space by Grafia, Uudenmaankatu 13, Helsinki
Wednesday–Friday, 12–17, Saturday–Sunday, 12–16 – Free admission!

The exhibition is supported by Grafia & Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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