Open call

Exhibition applications open once a year through an open call. The next call for 2025 will open in June 2024.

Grafia’s creative space Luonnos opened in March 2023 at Uudenmaankatu 13 in Helsinki. The first year’s exhibition calendar was filled with invitational exhibitions and Grafia’s own exhibitions. Open call for 2024 closed on August 2023. Next open call for Luonnos (for the year 2025) will open on June 2024.

The name Luonnos (sketch) is intended to reflect the broad-minded outlook, versatility and creativity of the different content exhibited at the space. Sketchiness is welcome, even desired. Instead of showcasing polished final products, the aim is to stimulate debate on topical issues. We want to offer a low-threshold exhibition space to exhibit, experiment with and create visual communication design content with an open mind. 

All applications must be sent using the electronic application system. Applications that are late, incomplete or not sent within the system will not be considered. If you’re also applying for one of Grafia’s summer grants, please note that within the same year you cannot receive both a grant and an exhibition slot from Grafia, just one or the other. The curators for Luonnos 2024 exhibition applications are Amy GeleraSamuli Saarinen and Laura Väinölä. The successful applicants will be informed of the decision in person in September 2023.

Link to the application system

More information about Luonnos and the application form

What could an interesting visual communication exhibition be like? We want to showcase the whole spectrum of the field. This could mean the sketches and the final version of a design project, unpublished personal projects or anything else new and surprising related to creative design or its process.  

You can apply alone or as a group. If you are applying as a group, please nominate one contact person from the group who will be responsible for liaising with Grafia. Grafia membership is not necessary, and the application process is open to all interested parties. However, Grafia membership is a significant advantage in terms of the cost of the exhibition. If you would like to become a member of Grafia, you can submit a membership application during the exhibition application process (please mention in the application that you have applied for an exhibition slot at Luonnos). An exhibition slot is available for the same creators every three years. You can apply for an exhibition slot even if you have received a grant from Grafia in the last year.

We ask you to present the exhibition concept and an outline of the hanging plan in your application. The exhibition’s connection to the field of visual communication and creative design must be demonstrated in the application. Tell us why your exhibition idea would be perfect for Luonnos. Include a preliminary work plan, the applicants’ CVs and photos and information of the work to be exhibited. 

Specify all exhibition costs as clearly and realistically as possible. Please note that the applicant is responsible for the material, equipment, transport, labour, printing and framing costs of the works in the exhibition. The applicant is also responsible for hanging the exhibition items in cooperation with the producer of Luonnos. At the end of the exhibition, the applicant is expected to dismantle the exhibition and restore the space back to how it was (patching/painting any picture hanging marks). The applicant must commit to supervising the exhibition for one weekend (Sat and Sun noon–5.00pm). Grafia takes care of the supervision of the exhibition at all other times. The applicant must organise any necessary insurances for the exhibited works. An exhibition supervisor is always in attendance when the exhibition is open. Grafia does not charge a commission on any works sold at the exhibition. 

Grafia is responsible for scheduling the production of the exhibition, the exhibition brochure and exhibition communication in Finnish and English through the communication channels of Grafia and Luonnos (Luonnos newsletter, Grafia members’ letter, website, social media). Grafia is also in charge of the opening arrangements and window decals for the exhibition. If necessary, the applicant can consult Grafia on the plans for hanging the works. Grafia organises a photographer to document the exhibition and take pictures of the creator/creators for the exhibition communication. For Grafia members, the exhibition space and production costs are free of charge. If the applicant is not a member of Grafia, the exhibition costs are €1,000 per exhibition (including the above-mentioned exhibition production services and rental). If you are applying as a group, only one member of the group needs to be a member of Grafia to be eligible for the benefit. 

To sum up, the application must include:

  • Presentation of exhibition concept
  • Outline of hanging plan
  • Explanation on how the exhibition is connected to the field of visual communication and creative design
  • Preliminary work plan 
  • Budget
  • Pictures and information of pieces of work
  • Applicants’ CVs 

Exhibition Space

Luonnos is located at Uudenmaankatu 13 in Helsinki. Luonnos consists of a 19.5m2 gallery space and a 15m2 workshop space. Exhibitions are intended to be organised in the gallery space. The use of the workshop space is agreed separately. The exhibitors may use Luonnos’ existing exhibition furniture and technology.

Click here for the floorplan for Luonnos and the exhibition furniture

Click here for the list of Luonnos’ exhibition technology

Click here for images of Luonnos

Any questions? 
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